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“Flower of Cabrera”
What Makes Flor de Cabrera Special
What makes Flor de Cabrera truly special is our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional experiences. Our villas are not just accommodations but a gateway to unforgettable moments. With stunning oceanfront locations, alluring views, and a team dedicated to making your stay remarkable, Flor de Cabrera stands out as a destination where luxury and natural beauty harmoniously coexist. Come and experience the magic that sets us apart.
Our Heritage
Flor de Cabrera, a project by the PONA Foundation, was conceived in 2008 with a noble cause, to enhance the lives of the Dominican Republic’s children. Our foundation intertwines luxury vacationing with philanthropy, providing guests an unforgettable experience while contributing to local educational programs. Stay discounts are offered to guests willing to donate or bring along items the community needs. The initiative has garnered immense appreciation over the years.
Flor De Cabrera
Flor De Cabrera
Our Luxurious Properties
Flor de Cabrera takes pride in its two beachfront vacation rental properties, a 10-bedroom villa and a 4-bedroom villa, Villa Florita. Additionally, we have four community suites, the Orchid Suites, to accommodate the overflow. Guests can dine together at the main villa or opt for individual chef services when booking. Our private community boasts other luxury beachfront properties of varying sizes for larger groups, offering breathtaking ocean views and resort-style services. All properties work in unison to ensure a seamless celebration experience.
Our Exceptional Services
At Flor de Cabrera, we extend the services of a luxury resort to our guests. These include an onsite concierge, daily housekeeping, experienced chefs, all-day host services, and a dedicated event planner. Whether it’s a wedding, a milestone family party, or a business retreat, our celebration planner takes care of all your needs. Our property can host events for up to 100 guests under the large patio of Flor de Cabrera, with the ability to serve high-quality plated meals’ courtesy of our extra-large kitchen. Get in Touch
Flor De Cabrera
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