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Going off-site for your Caribbean wedding

Dominican Private Wedding Venues and why we Love them

Congratulations, you started looking into venues for your destination wedding!

If you’re thinking of getting married in the Dominican Republic, believe us when we say: Dominican private wedding venues are the way to go!

At DIDEA Weddings, we prepped this blog post to show you why simply choosing an off-resort venue will be the best wedding planning decision you ever made.

All that privacy….

Imagine your wedding day: beautifully decorated ceremony, all of your loved ones there, you’re excited to walk down the aisle and then you see it: some random tourists in the background with their swimsuits on, going about their day.
This is a very likely scenario when getting married at a resort where plenty of other people have come to vacation.
Privacy is usually not included at an all-inclusive destination wedding and many past brides said it was the number one thing that bothered them about their wedding day.

So just say bye to the bystanders!

Choosing an off-resort venue means you won’t have to worry about other people because they simply won’t be there.

It will be just you and your loved ones sharing the most important day of your life. And isn’t that something that you will cherish for the rest of your life?

All that budget-friendliness…

If you’re worried about the cost, we’re here to reassure you – a wedding at a private venue in the Dominican Republic will cost pretty much the same as one at a resort, especially if you have a larger group coming to your wedding.

Many venues and planners (including us at DIDEA Weddings!) will work with your budget and number of guests to be able to provide the best possible experience for you.

We will suggest the most suitable venue(s) based on your budget.
Not to mention – transportation to any off-resort venue from any hotel in the area will be included in your personalized wedding package.

All those options….

Off-resort venues come in all shapes and sizes.
You can have your wedding at a beach restaurant if that’s what you like.
You can celebrate at a garden overlooking the ocean. Or maybe simply sail away with your loved ones on a private boat for the best day of your life.

There are plenty of off-site venues and the best news is: You don’t have to choose just one!

Feel like having a beach ceremony and then a reception and a party by the pool in a private villa? No problem!
Want to hold a ceremony on a boat and then have a cocktail + dinner at a beautiful beachfront restaurant? Sure!
Let’s say rooftop terrace for the wedding? Gotcha!

Combine off-site venues for the ultimate personalized wedding experience.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? 🙂

Reproduced from Didea events and entertainment new page.